The meals from dano are full-fat. this applies to the dry food (chunks) but also to the wet food in cans and alu tubs. Complete means that the food contains all the essentials for your dog or cat. Extra feeding is therefore not necessary. Please note that the nutritional value of wet food (aluminum tins / cans) is much lower than that of kibble due to the high moisture content. Your cat or dog therefore needs much more wet food than kibble to consume the same amount of energy.

Dano uses exclusively tocopherol, or vitamin E, for preserving the dry food. The wet food in cans and alu is packed airtight and sterilized during production. Further preservation is then not necessary. No chemical preservatives are allowed in the supplied raw materials either. Our products are completely free of chemical additives.

No chemical pesticides are used in organic farming. Therefore, there are no residues in organic products and no chemical dyes, flavors and other artificial additives are used. The products are pure and clean.

Organic food is also better for animal welfare. The meat we use comes from animals that have had a better life. And moreover, these animals have also eaten organic food.

Our meals are completely tailored to the needs of your dog or cat. If your dog eats cat food once in a while, that’s no problem. In principle, dogs do not suffer from a lack of nutrition when they eat cat food, but the proportions (of vitamins and minerals, for example) in cat food are not tailored to the needs of a dog. Giving your dog cat food for a long time is therefore not a good idea. It is better not to feed your cat dog food. A cat needs certain substances, such as taurine. These substances are often not found in the right quantities in dog food.

We believe that dano is the best food you can give your pet. we use healthy and organic ingredients and the right proportions of vitamins and minerals. we do not use any chemical additives, flavor enhancers or colorants. You can see and smell the difference when you open our food: this is food as we believe it should be, healthy….and delicious.

We strive to use as many organic ingredients as possible. unfortunately, not all ingredients are organically available, such as some vitamins and minerals. because your pet needs these substances, we do put them in our food. we also choose very consciously to use MSC fish instead of organic fish. Our recipes are externally reviewed and approved – we therefore meet the strictest guidelines for organic food. this means that our products must contain at least 95% ingredients of organic origin. all dano products have skal certification.

When we studied well how organic fish is farmed we decided to choose msc fish, these fish have swum in open water and are caught in a sustainable way. main reasons to refrain from organic fish are: 1) it takes about 3 to 4 kg of sustainable fish to grow 1 kg of organic fish: organic fish must be fed with sustainable, non-organic caught fish. 2) organic fish farming is always farming; sustainably caught fish swim in open water. 3) dano also has a product with salmon. salmon is a fish that swims solo in the wild. organic salmon must be forced to swim in schools.

Dano and Yarrah are both produced and developed by the same company (Yarrah). both are of high quality. Yarrah is sold mainly in pet stores and organic stores. dano is sold in supermarkets and drugstores, for example. yarrah has a wider range and also offers food for puppies and senior dogs and special diet food. dano has fewer varieties and smaller packaging tailored to the supermarket channel.

This is due to our choice of high quality and organic ingredients. organic ingredients are simply more expensive than regular ingredients. recipes of different pet food brands can also vary greatly – always read the labels carefully to understand exactly what is in the food (and also check how the declaration is made).