Nice and durable

From more and more sides, the sound is that organic is the best choice. Yet not everyone is immediately convinced. Why is organic so healthy?

The answer is simple: because organic products are pure and natural. Without synthetic preservatives, without chemical fragrances, colorants and flavorings or GMOs. Artificial fertilizers and pesticides are also not done.

Organic products

So organic products are made from organic ingredients and nothing more. This sounds simple but in practice it is not. To be completely sure, DANO (manufacturer of organic pet food) follows every ingredient from farm to forage for all of its pet food products. Our quality manager visits and personally checks all suppliers. This way we can be sure that the animals have had a good life and the products are truly 100% organic. In addition, each ingredient must meet strict requirements in terms of the environment, trade and social development. This is why there are so many quality marks on DANO packaging.


In practice

Eating pure and natural foods will give you energy and make you feel better. It works the same way for pets. From healthy food they get a nice coat or get rid of allergies. Good food just does good.

But does it really make that much difference to the health of a dog or cat? DANO asked 300 dog and cat owners to rate its organic pet food after six weeks of use: 87% saw a positive effect.

Commonly cited advantages of organic animal nutrition over regular animal nutrition are:

Better for the environment

In organic farming, the main thing is that it does not have a negative impact on the land and nature. So every step in the process must meet strict requirements. In contrast to conventional agriculture, which overburdens and exhausts our earth. Fortunately, this understanding is growing, and more farmers in Europe are switching to organic. Moreover, the animals in organic products have had a better life.  They live longer and they get more space, no growth hormones and better food. In this way, nature is burdened as little as possible.

In short: organic

Eating organic gives you energy and you feel better. It’s a healthy choice for everyone in the house, without putting unnecessary strain on the planet. (Bio)logical right!