Terms and conditions

Who is DANO?

The products on our website, https://www.dano.bio, are offered by Yarrah organic petfood b.v., kvk-number 08077073 and vat-number nl806614468b01. Yarrah is registered at the following address: van leeuwenhoekstraat 26, 3846 cb in harderwijk, the Netherlands. you can reach us at telephone number +31 (0) 341 43 98 50 and e-mail address info@dano.bio.

Limited liability

We do our utmost to keep the content of our site up to date. yet it is possible that the content of our site is incomplete or incorrect. The products on our site are offered without any form of guarantee or claim to accuracy. We reserve the right to change the content or remove parts at any time without having to give notice. Yarrah is not responsible for the content of sites or services of third parties that we link to.

Yarrah also takes the utmost care to ensure the quality of the products it sells. Of course we always check the quality of the ingredients as much as possible. Nevertheless, we cannot accept any liability for this; this lies with the suppliers of these ingredients.


All intellectual property rights regarding the content of the site belong to Yarrah (dano) and its visitors. Copying, distributing and any other use of the content of our site is not permitted without written permission from Yarrah (dano), unless otherwise stated in regulations of mandatory law (such as right to quote) or if this is otherwise indicated for specific content.

DANO's Certificaten

At Dano we are constantly working to meet the strictest requirements for organic products, animal welfare and food safety. We find it important that not only we ourselves but also external parties approve of our way of working and our feed. below you can see an overview of our certificates.

Organic certificates and European organic label

European legislation lays down the exact requirements that organic food and agriculture must meet. if a product complies with this legislation, it may carry the european organic label.

EKO label

Stichting Eko keurmerk is an independent private foundation, whose objective is to develop activities that promote the organic quality of products. If the eko label is awarded to a product, the organic origin of the product is guaranteed.

AB logo & organic seal

Each country may have one or more certifiers. For the French market, Dano carries the ab logo. In Germany, the bio-siegel, which is very well-known there, has been chosen.

Animal welfare certificates

Animal welfare is important to dano. Chicken, turkey and fish form the basis of our premium animal feed. We think it is important that these animals have been treated with respect and do not want to use any poultry or meat from mega-stables. Our meat is organic. Dano is allowed to carry the better life label of the animal protection agency; of course with the full three stars.

Test animal-free pet food

At Dano, we don’t use laboratory animals. We just let our own and other people’s pets taste it at home. If the dogs or cats like the new product and if it really adds something, then we include it in our range.

MSC label

The regulations surrounding organic fish farming do not meet Dano’s standard of animal welfare. that is why Dano uses msc fish. more information about our choice of msc fish can be found here.

Food Safety Certificates

With our iso 22000 certification, we prove three things: 1) our food safety is good, 2) our suppliers are reliable, 3) our quality management system is in order (based on iso 9001).