DANO bio cat food Alu pate chicken turkey NL FR 100g

DANO Organic grain-free cat pâté with chicken and turkey


This grain-free pâté with organic chicken and turkey can be given to any breed of cat at any age, from kittens to older cats. The organic wet food is a complete, nutritious and delicious meal for your cat. As you would expect from DANO, this product is free of chemical fragrances, colourants and flavours. The pâté is made with certified organic ingredients that were obtained in a manner that respects both nature and animals.

Extra food. Without artificial smells, colors or flavorings.



57% meat* and animal derivatives* (32% chicken*, 15% beef*, 10% turkey*), derivatives of vegetable origin* (0.0075% from dried aloe vera*, equivalent to 1,5% aloe vera*), minerals, oils* and fats* (sunflower oil*).
* = organic.

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We develop our food according to strict guidelines and work with only the best ingredients available. We know exactly what is in our food and follow every ingredient from farmer to food. This is how we know for sure that our food is made with raw materials without GMO, pesticides and hormones.

This 100 grams aluminium tub contains 32% chicken and 10% turkey. The organic chickens and turkeys used in the food had better lives in which they were allowed to roam outside, eat purely organically and were able to live longer than regular chickens and turkeys. The food contains chicken and turkey because it’s easily digested and because cats love it. Chicken and turkey have a smaller environmental footprint than, for example, beef. The added, organic aloe vera contains many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes and helps to strengthen the immune system.

The aluminium tub containing pâté is a practical, complete meal for your cat. DANO recommends wet food for every cat. Wet food contains a lot of moisture and helps your cat stay hydrated. Older cats and cats who don’t drink much would particularly benefit from a daily portion of wet food.

Nutrition advice

2kg - 175g | 4kg - 250g | 6kg - 300g

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DANO Organic grain-free cat pâté with chicken and turkey

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